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When using the OnDisplay Portal, the first thing you will notice is ease of use. We designed every aspect of the site with the end user in mind. Simply put, managing digital signage has never been easier. You can manage your signage from any browser, computer or cell phone. Updates happen instantly in real time. 

Easily manage all screens in one place no matter how many locations you have 

Static & Dynamic Media Uploading

One-Click Instant Media Publishing

Mobile Management Friendly

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How Switching To Digital Signage Can Help Grow Your Business

Digital signage works – and we can prove it. It's is a powerful visual communication tool that engages audiences, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs, but can it really grow your business? If you’re looking for solid stats, we’ve got you covered. Check out our researched statistics to find out how investing in digital signage can change your business and drive your sales upward.

Increase in brand awareness


% of consumers who saw a
digital sign for a specific
product and made an
unplanned purchase that same day


Upgrading to even one digital
sign in your business can
raise the average purchase
amount by up to 


Updating to a single digital
sign generates an almost
33% growth in repeat buyers


How We're Different

We're a creative team of designers and developers who work together to create engaging digital experiences. Our mission is to make your switch to digital advertising easy and most importantly, cost-effective. 

We have countless screens across the central valley. With our experice we provide quick installation with an easy to manage platform that won't get into the way of your busy lifestyle. If you decide to advertise with us, you have the portential to reach a wide audience in just a matter of seconds!

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